Frequently asked questions

Why choose mediation?

Mediation is not as expensive as litigation. The intake interview is charged at £65 per hour.
There may be extra charges for research, correspondence or phone calls.
Many disputes can be settled through an intake interview and follow up phone calls. If you are in financial need we may be able to come to an arrangement or even waive these fees.

When to go to mediation?

If there are disagreements and disputes between parties involving: consumer problems, financial settlements, boundary disputes, problems with neighbours or in the workplace, accidents, negligence and personal injury, insurance claims, wills and more. There are some instances when mediation is not appropriate, for instance, if there is any history of violence. If you have any queries in this regard, feel free to give us a call to discuss the process.

How does mediation work?

Mediation provides a neutral space, a forum for creative solutions and discussion between parties who are willing to find a resolution to their problem. Once you have contacted us, we will arrange an initial appointment for you to define the problem in detail and discuss options on how you wish to proceed. Our mediators may meet with you privately, or together with the other parties to the dispute, to talk through the situation. Everything you tell us is confidential and will only be disclosed to the other party, or outside third parties, with your consent. If you come to an agreement we can draft a Mediation Agreement for you outlining the terms you have agreed upon. This is not necessarily legally binding but can be drafted in the form of a binding contract if you wish.

Why choose BCMS?

We are a charity, our running costs are low and our fees are competitive. We are committed to bringing the mediation option to the general public. If you choose mediation, we are here to give you the necessary support to convey your wishes to each other. With our expertise and experience, we will guide you through the mediation process to a satisfactory and realistic conclusion. Our mediators are legally trained and have several years of experience of mediating many different forms of dispute, some are also ADR Group accredited. During the mediation process, we draw on our additional expertise and experience in counselling, non-violent communication, life coaching, support work, healing therapies and metaphysical philosophies.